Why Bathing?

The elephants are heat poorly

The black skin tone, the body is big and bold. Therefore, absorb heat from sunlight a lots. While, an elephant’s sweat glands are present in only a small area around the base of the nails.

Our services

Free Transfer

Time Pickup at hotel, Patong : 09.00-09.15, 12.00-12.15, 14.30-14.45, Kata-Karon : 09.30-09.45, 12.30-12.45, 15.00-15.15, Kamala Chage : 300/Person

Elephant Bathing

Elephant show elephant show at Kinnaree with 4 rounds every day., First Round Time:09.45, Second Round Time:11.05, Round Three Time:14.15, Fourth Round Time:16.05, There are 4 rope elephants bathed in just as well. After that, all the elephants will bundle each rope and travel into the show yard.